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Revolute: Gold (clip cord) Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Rotary: Shader and large needle liner

  • Designed to feel/react like a coil machine for the tattooer with the ease of a rotary.
  • CNC machined all in-house from solid block aluminum.
  • Designed for shading of all kinds: black, gray, and color shading. Also works well for large needle outlining.
  • Specifically engineered mabuchi motor with a high torque curve.
  • Silent, which many customers like and many tattooers appreciate after a full day of appointments.

Frame & Components

  • Aircraft aluminum CNC machined body and 360-A Brass Fly Wheel 
  • All parts CNC machined and hand machined, in-house.

Finish Processing

  • Ground - sanded and tumbled to a glossy shine, as well buffed and polished.
  • Highly durable ceramic powder coated for maximum finish.
  • Smooth and cleanable.
  • Gold Hammer tone unique coating (polyester).

Machine Features 

  • All High quality 360-A brass Hardware (polished) .
  • High Quality RCA connection Jack.
  • Larger wing nut for extra clamping force.
  • All American-made screws.
  • 3.2mm fly wheel stroke.
  • Custom precision swiss motor made to our specifications (ball bearing driven).

Machine Running Recommendations

  • Needle size : 5-7-9-11-14’s and larger.
  • Black, gray or pack color in silence.
  • Volts: 4.5-9.5
  • Speed: Med/Fast (Punchy with top end sweet spot).
  • Great for single pass bold lines as well as smaller lines, if used as a liner.
  • Tested and tuned with needle.

 All parts and components for Feldman machines are handcrafted in America, using American materials. Also, all parts and components are made in-house in a state of the art CNC machine shop, allowing us to keep our quality as high as possible.

Brandyn Feldman has tattooed for over 15 years and understands tattooing and applies this to every machine he builds. When you buy a Feldman machine, you not only are supporting tattooing and tattooer made goods, you also are buying a tool that can help you achieve your fullest potential when tattooing. Each and every tattoo machine we build is inspected and tested for days before we are able to sell or ship the machine. All machine are made to tattoo every day around the clock.

We hope our product description gives you the best feel for what to expect when buying from Feldman MFG. But if we left any thing out please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Note : This machine has been tested and approved with the following brands of needles and also on the following Power supplies.

Cheyenne needles, Cheyenne safety cartridges , TatSoul Envy Needles, Kingpin Tattoo Needles, Kwadron Needles, FK Irons Ergo Click, Disposable RPG 2 Cartridge Grips, Peak Cartridge Needles, Painful Pleasures Precision Needles, Tuff Tubes, Good Guy Needles and Tubes. 

Critical Atom and CX-1 and CX-2 , Ekion EMS-420 , TatSoul Revel. 



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