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Warranty & Maintenance


All Feldman Mfg. coil machines come with a 1 year warranty.

Warranty: Your machine is guaranteed (minus the springs), provided it is unaltered. This means, if it breaks, comes out of tune, or simply is having a glitch, we'll back up our work. All we ask is that you don't take it apart, modify the machine in any way, or otherwise mess with it when you don’t know what you’re doing. There are some exceptions, of course...the addition of an RCA jack is no big deal, or changing the springs if they break, but once you loosen the coils, for example - you’re on your own. Shipping the machine back properly is also important - it must be sent in a padded box, if you ship it back in a plastic bag, we will charge the cost of a full tune, which is $80.00. We assume no responsibilities for machines shipped to us without tracking information.  If it's dirty (ink still present, vaseline, etc.) I won't work on it, and it will be sent back to you at your cost. 

The One Year Warranty is voided if you:

Over-lube your machine

Drop your machine

Tamper with the motor 

Replace parts on your own

The Feldman Mfg Rotary Tattoo Machine comes with a 1 year limited warranty: The warranty excludes the motor and springs. The motor is designed to work perfectly for 10 years.

All high-end custom machines and one-offs come with a lifetime warranty.
Return shipping costs are not included with the warranty.

    Service Info for Machines After the 1 year warranty

    • All machines outside of warranty are still covered by the Feldman Lifetime Care Package. We will repair and replace any parts of the machine below cost, not trying for a large profit margin, not even at cost, because we care so much about supporting Feldman Mfg customers and products.
    • If it has been longer than a year, don’t worry, all replacement parts are sold at nearly the direct cost of the part. Repairs average $49 USD in cost, with our most expensive repair at $129 - this is a complete rebuild of the machine which includes a motor upgrade, new backplate, and other internal parts as needed.
    • We will repair machines if they are outside their warranty, however there will be a charge based upon extent of repair or rebuild.
      • All original parts (no matter condition) must be returned with the machine.  
      • To re-spring and tune a machine will be a $20.00 charge.
      • To replace the coils will be a $50.00 charge.

    Steps for sending a machine or cord in to be serviced:

    • Clean your machine/cord/foot-switch – remove any ink, blood, rubber bands, and o-rings.
    • Package your machine/cord/foot-switch: Put it in a small box or padded envelope to prevent damage during the shipping process. Any machine/cord/foot switch received without being cleaned will be sent back and not repaired.
    • You MUST email management@feldmanmfg.com with this information:
      • Picture of the item to be repaired.
      • Your name, email, phone number, shipping address.
      • List of problems, requests or machine info.
    • Once Brandyn sees the machine you will get a machine repair quote (if the machine is outside of warranty) and be asked to submit payment if needed.
    • Please be patient. Though we make every effort to repair machines, cords, and footswitches as soon as possible, we are very busy and can only do so much in a day.

    Returning your machine

    • Shipping: Shipping will be added to your return order. We always use the cheapest shipping possible unless the customer tells us otherwise.
    • When you get your machine back, keep the repair form. This will help you track things should any further complications occur.

    Please email management@feldmanmfg.com with general inquiries and pricing details.